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While drinking beer with friends in the evening someone talked about the idea of a search engine for movie dialogs. We thought this would be pretty cool since this way you could find movies about special topics or at particular locations which you would never find otherwise.

So the idea of Moviegoodie was born. Currently we are still enhancing the search engine by feeding it with DVD subtitles, fan subtitles, transcripts, scripts, cover texts and more. Each day Moviegoodie learns more and becomes better.

Please link us

If you like Moviegoodie please link us. This will help us to become more popular and the more people use Moviegoodie the more reasons we will have to improve this place. You can link us by adding the following HTML code to your homepage or blog:

<a title="Find any movie!"
Moviegoodie - The Movie Search Engine</a>

Search box

you can add a search box like this

Find Any Movie
Moviegoodie Movie Search

to your home page by including the following HTML code:

<form name="f_" method=get
style="width:200px;border:2px solid #888;
border-top:0px none #888;background-color:#fafafa;
<b>Find Any Movie</b></div>
type="text" name="q" value="" size="20">
font-size:12px;" type="submit" value="Movie Search">
<small><a style="text-decoration:none;"
Moviegoodie Movie Search</a></small></div>

Send us feedback

Every kind of feedback is welcome! Just send an e-mail to info [at] moviegoodie [dot] com.


We are still working on a better help text. So here comes the short version: Moviegoodie allows you to search for any movie by entering words which are spoken in the movie. You can also search for actor names or movie titles.

The search works as usual: You can enter single keywords separated by blanks or phrases inside quotation marks.